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Spray Foam Insulation?

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

At Just Green Home Improvements we are accredited Spray Foam Installers with national coverage in Ireland.

Spray Foam Insulation is a polyurethane liquid foam that expands over 100 times when applied or ‘sprayed’ to a surface.

We recommend this type of insulation as the most effective way in keeping your property airtight and believe that this is the best way to insulate your attic. It can also reduce your heating costs by up to 50%! Spray Foam Insulation seals up all the small spaces and crevices that alternative forms of insulation can’t. This stops draughts and prevents air leakage.

As the name suggests, Spray Foam Insulation is a liquid foam that expands over 100 times once it is applied or ‘sprayed’ into position. This forms an insulating layer keeping heat in in the winter or keeping heat out in the summer.

This form of insulation has been in use for over 30 years and is continuing to become increasingly more popular. It is a high-performance insulator and a superb solution to prevent air leakage.

We use open cell Spray Foam Insulation in domestic attics because it is a breathable solution which means it reduces moisture in the air, damp build up and prevents rotting of timbers.

Spray Foam Insulation is highly versatile which means that we can apply it to a huge number of surfaces without compromising the function or performance. Due to its versatility, it can be applied to breathable and non- breathable roof membranes, attics, basements, cellars, shipping containers, warehouses, floors, exterior walls and many more spaces.

Why Spray Foam

Why Spray Foam

Energy Efficient

Spray foam is a fantastic solution to increase the energy efficiency of your home or business and to reduce your carbon footprint.
It has been proven that by using Spray Foam Roof Insulation you will use much less energy to heat your home and will save money for many years to come

Moisture Deterrent

While other types of insulation still allow water to seep through gaps around pipes and vents, spray foam insulation is able to fill the smallest gaps and areas, meaning that it will create a complete air and water-tight barrier for much greater insulative protection.

Strengthens Property

As spray foam has strong adhesive properties, when applied it leaves a dense finish which acts as additional support to improve the strength of your propertys structure and provides greater protection against the elements.

Property Value

Taking steps to making your home more energy efficient can increase your BER rating and the value of your home. By increasing your BER this will make it more desirable and attractive to buyers. According to SEAI by increasing your BER by 1 scale (eg. D to E) this will increase the overall value of your home by 1%.

Easy Installation

Spray Foam installation has become highly popular due to its ease of application. Our installation team use spray guns to administer full coverage in doing so we can access those hard-to-reach areas. Spray Foam Insulation dries very quickly and the whole process can be done within 1 or 2 days.

Resilient and Long Lasting

Spray Foam Insulation is proven to last longer than traditional types of insulation and it comes with a 25-year manufacturers warranty. After choosing Spray Foam you can be assured that it will not need updating or replacing for a lifetime

Fully approved and certified

We only use Spray Foam Insulation that is fully NSAI & SEAI certified. We also only use eco-friendly foam and foam that doesnt contain any HCFC or chemicals which could be harmful to your health

Grants available

Just Green Home Improvements LTD is a registered contractor under SEAI s Better Energy Homes Programme. Contact a member of our team to check your eligibility for up to 1500 to reduce your heating costs today.

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