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Spray foam insulation is developed from a two part component that when combined, expand and harden. During the spraying process these materials are simultaneously sprayed from a spray foam gun allowing them to combine, fill and expand to form a protective layer to the surface in which they are applied. Our foam is water blown and therefore chemical free.

Yes. Our insulation is water blown meaning it contains no harmful chemicals or CFCs. We use Synthesia spray foam insulation which is made from recycled plastic which also makes it environmentally friendly.

No. Our insulation has no impact on the capability of electrical cables so is completely fine to be sprayed over. Also in the case of a new build home, it's best to have all the electrical cables put in place beforehand.

Spray foam insulation maintains its performance for life long results. All of our spray foam insulation applications come with a lifetime guarantee, so we guarantee that it lasts for as long as the life of the building.

We would ask that your attic or area to be insulated is cleared in advance of our team’s arrival so we can complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once you have removed any furniture or materials from the space, leave everything else to us.